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Welcome to the Lemon Audio Club

Chris here. Thanks for watching one of my videos on my YouTube channel and taking the time to come here and sign up for more fun Mac audio nerdy times with me.

Join the Discord

In the Discord we chat about audio, video, and live streaming related topics.

I'll be in there along with other members of Lemon Audio Club.

Join the Lemon Audio Club Discord Server

Why Should I Join?

Helping Each Other

Figuring out audio and video issues on the Mac isn't easy - and chances are someone else has figured out or found a fix. So let's help each other!

Chat With Me Directly

I enjoy answering your questions on YouTube, but it's often frustrating to try and navigate the threads, not being able to paste in images or links very easily, and following up is difficult. In the Discord chat, we can go back and forth to try and figure out a solution during weekly office hours.

A Fun Community

We're just getting started, but I'd love to have you in the community to help shape what it could become. Weekly mystery sound contests, first looks at my new videos, and collaboration between members of the community on future projects are all in the plans for LemonAudio.Club.

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